Basic 4 National Values


Values refer to the important and lasting belief or ideas shared by the members of a culture or community about what us good or bad, desirable or undesirable. Values have major influence on a person behavior and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. Values are beliefs or convictions that guide and direct a person’s behavior, purpose and vision. In other words the value of a person defines who he or she is. Therefore our values define who we are. It us indeed our values that provides guidance, direction and meaning in the entire purpose of our lives.

1 .The important beliefs and ideas shared by members of a community are called _____

2. Value can affect a person’s ____

3.  Values can guide ______

4. A life without value is ______

5. Values are ____ qualities in the community


Culture refers to the way of life of a particular people, especially as shown in their ordinary day to day behaviors and habits, their attitude towards each other , including their moral and religious beliefs. In other words culture refers to the total way if life of a group of people. The culture of a people cab be seen in the food they eat, their dresses, music, as well as the way they groom and decorate their bodies. Truly speaking, culture covers the way of life of people in totality

1. The total way of life of a group of people is known as ____

2. The culture of a group of people can be known through their ____

3.  People usually eat the food that is ____  their culture

4. Wearing babariga is common within the __  culture


The currently known emergency numbers in Niger are 767 or 112 for Lagos state. I cannot sat for sure whether these two numbers work in other places. However I am certain that they work at Akure in Ondo state. I have tried them twice and the dispatcher at the other end responded immediately by saying: what is your emergency please? You may try them in tour area to see whether they work. 911 also works in some parts of Nigeria. At times if you call 911 you may be redirected to the emergency number or numbers that are working. It should be noted however that emergency numbers should not be dialled for fun. Use them strictly for situations that are really emergency in nature such as armed robbery. Fire accident, road accident, act of terrorism, snake bite, stroke, heart attack etc. Also it should be noted that different cases of emergency have their own specific emergency numbers

1. What is the emergency number called in Nigeria

2. Use the emergency number in _____ situation

3. Mention two form of emergency you know

4. People should respond to emergency call _____

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