Basic 3 English Studies

Grammatical Accuracy Using Past Continuous Tense

1.  Someone ___ me when I was jogging ( stops,stop,stopped)

2.   I saw him when we ___ in the hall ( were dancing, are dancing, am dancing)

3.  They were coming to my house when he____ ( calls,called,call)

4.  The family was eating dinner and ___ (discussed, discussing, discuses)

5.  I was having a dream when the bell _____(ring, rang,rung)

6.  When we ___ he was having a bath ( ring,rang,rung)

7 . I____ with my son when you ____ ( played/called, was playing/called, am playing/called)

8. At this time yesterday I was ______ on my bed ( sleeping, cooking, travelling)

9.  She was cooking dinner when the guests _____ ( arrive, arrived, arrival)

10. I____ television when the fire started ( am watching, are watching, was watching)

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