Basic 2 English Studies

Choose the correct answer to fill the gaps

1. The dog belongs to my brother. It is ___a) himself.  b) his .  c) he’s

2 . I will report you to ____parents a) mine .  b) my.     c) we

3.  Sir e my teacher’s car. It is___   a) she’s.  b) her .   c) hers

4 .This pen belongs to you. It is ___ a) your.    b) yours.    c) thems

5.  The land belongs to the twins. It is__  a)ours .  b) yours.     c)theirs

6 . The man took the pen because it is__  a) hims .      b) his.     c) he’s

7.  The money belongs to my sister. It is_   a) hers.    b) she’s.     c) ours

8.  Don’t take the money. It is __  a) my .  b) mine.   c) our

9 . The girl is running away with ____ bag a) my .     b) mine.   c) theirs

10.  The car belongs to my parents. It is __  a) thems.     b) yours.      c) theirs

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