Basic 6 English Studies

Below each of the following sentences are five questions lettered A to E. Choose the question that has the sentence as its right answer.
1. Yes, he is.
A. Who is in the class? B. Where is the class?
C. Is this your class? D. Where is the class teacher?
E. Is Jide in the class?
2. He is the referee of the football match.
A. Where is he now? B. Who is that man with the whistle?
C. Is he coming to play? D. Has he played already?
E. When is he playing again?
3. No, they haven’t.
A. Will they go? B. Have they gone? C. Are they going?
D. Will they go at all? E. When are they going?
4. He is thirsty.
A. Did he have water to drink? B. What is he doing?
C. Does he drink water? D. Why is he drinking water?
E. What is he doing with the water?
5. When 1 come back from school.
A. When are you coming back from school?
B. When are you going to do the washing?
C. How often do you wash? D. Have you got enough water?
E. Did you wash last week?
6. Yes, I do.
A. Did you eat eggs last week? B. Will you eat an egg today?
C. How many times do you eat eggs in a week?
D. Do you eat an egg every day? E. Are you eating an egg now?
7. We are on holiday.
A. Why didn’t you greet your teacher today?
B. Why are you ironing your school uniform?
C. Why didn’t you go to school today?
D. Is this your first day in the school?
E. Is the school far from your house?
8. Yesterday, after closing time.
A. Who is cleaning the blackboard?
B. When did you clean the blackboard?
C. Is the blackboard dirty? D. Can’t you write on the blackboard?
E. Did you clean the blackboard with a duster?
9. It is ours.
A. Who has beaten the dog? D. Have you seen the dog?
B. Who is playing with the dog? E. Who owns this dog?
C. Who feeds the dog?
Choose from the list of words lettered A to E the one that is NEAREST IN MEANING to the word underlined in the sentence.
10. Mungo Park discovered the source of the River Niger.
A. made B. found C. formed D. developed E. delayed
11. I remember what you say.
A. forgive B. remind C. recall D. think E. tell
12. The thieves intended to attack the rich man in the night.
A. attempted B. went C. planned D. tried E. failed
13. He is a faithful man; you can depend on him.
A. reply B. rely C. call D. rest E. lie
14. My uncle is the head of the village.
A. judge B. master C. middleman D. priest E. leader
Below each of the following sentences are five interpretations lettered A to E. Choose the one that MOST CORRECTLY explains the meaning of the sentence.
15. Neither Jacob nor Peter is in the meeting’. This means that ________
A. both Jacob and Peter are in the meeting
B. Jacob alone is in the meeting
C. both of them are not in the meeting
D. Peter alone is in the meeting
E. the meeting is not going to be held
16. Bola is too young to travel alone.’ This means that ________
A. Bola is young and so can travel alone
B. Bola must travel alone
C. Bola is young and so should not travel alone
D. Bola has always travelled alone E. Bola should not travel at all
17. Most of the clever pupils in our class are from poor homes.’ This means that
A. all the clever pupils are from poor homes
B. there isn’t any clever pupil from a rich home
C. poor homes have no bright pupils
D. very many of the clever pupils are from poor homes
E. rich men do not send their children to school
18. All the boy can boast of is one pair of shoes.’ This means that ______
A. he has all kinds of shoes B. he has no shoes at all
C. all his shoes were left in a boat
D. he does not have more than a pair of shoes
E. he has a few pairs of shoes
19. The teacher bought that car before he joined the staff of our school.’ This means that ________
A. he joined the staff, then he bought the car
B. he bought the car because he wanted to teach in our school
C. he bought the car because our school wanted him to
D. he bought the car, then joined the staff of our school
E. he bought the car immediately he joined the staff of our school
20. Like many others who went to the Principal this afternoon, John was not permitted to go home.’ This means that _____
A. only John was allowed to go home
B. John and many others were allowed to go home.
C. John and many others were not allowed to go home
D. only the others were allowed to go home
E. John and the others did not see the Principal at all
21. Until you have paid your fees in full no books will be given to you.’ This means that ________
A. when you pay all your fees, books will be given to you
B. when you get your books, you will pay your fees
C. when you pay your fees late, you will have books
D. you should not pay your fees so that you will be given some books
E. you should keep your fees until you are given some books

Choose from the list of words or groups of words lettered A to E the one which CORRECTLY AND MOST SUITABLE fills the gap in the sentence.
22. The thief entered the house ________ the window
A. with B. in C. through D. for E. about
23. My father has asked me to take care ________ my new books.
A. to B. with C. of D. on E for
24. I do not know when the coin dropped ________ the well.
A. above B. towards C. under D. into E. before
25. The teacher’s table is ________ the class and the blackboard.
A. among B. between C. above D. across E. inside
26. The hunter put his gun ________ his shoulder.
A. with B. on C. through D. at E. in
27. Turner was sent ________ the class for making a noise.
A. out for B. out of C. out on D. in for E. down to
28. Dupe is responsible for ________ the classroom.
A. to clean B. cleaning C. cleaned D. have cleaned E. cleans
29. I did not see Kemta last week because she came _____ I was sleeping.
A. while B. that C. whether D. either E. unless
30. As we were thirsty we begged him to give us ________
A. some water B. some waters C. many water D. a water E. the waters
Choose from the list of words lettered A to E the word which is MOST NEARLY OPPOSITE IN MEANING to the word underlined in each sentence.
31. Remi kept his book under the table.
A. across B. below C. between D. on E. in
32. Frank is cutting the wood with a light axe.
A. better B. heavy C. low D. long E. lean
33. We had some pleasant experiences at the beach.
A. quiet B. disagreeable C. unusual D. useless E. wicked
34. The weather was dull throughout last week.
A. dark B. chilly C. cloudy D. fine E. stormy
35. The river is very deep.
A. broad B. wide C. high D. shallow E. hollow
36. She exposed the food on the plate.
A. left B. poured C. carried D. covered E. finished
37. Kola’s nephew ran fast in the race.
A. slowly B. quietly C. smartly D. well E. wildly

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