English Studies Basic 4

Add one letter to each of the following words to form another word. Tone – obtained from rocks STONE. Hair – People sit on the CHAIR

1. EAT – A place to sit_____

2. LATE – A thing used for eating ______

3. ARE – A fast animal _______

4. HOE – What we can wear _____

5. CARE – To be afraid ______

6. RICE – An amount to buy something ___

7. RANGE – A fruit ___

8. TOOL – A small table with four legs ____

From a-f choose the word that completes each of the sentences below. a) yolk  b) tragedy. c) skull. d) choir. e) spinster . f) triplet

9. Three children born at the same time are called_____

10. A very sad event is called ______

11. The round yellow part in an egg is called ______

12. An unmarried lady is called a ____

13. A group of singers is called ____

14. The head bone that protects the brain is called _____

Underline the common noun in each sentences:

15. Sarah finally got her degree

16. Jennifer and her brother are going to Aba next month

17 .I told Dara that I prefer vegetarian food

18. Mary went to the park with her friend Jonathan

19. I went to the dentist for a root canal

20. We are going to have fish for dinner

21. His favorite car is a Toyota

22. The book belongs to Adeola

23. His name is written on the bag

24. He owns a black bag

Underline the adjective in each sentences

25. Zingo was a brave dog

26. He has a beautiful wife

27. Has anybody found my red car

28. Grace has a fine face

29. The idea he brought was bad

30. Kayode has a black completion

31. That brown bag belongs to Blessing

32 .Our Director is a kind man

From a-e choose the word that completes each of the sentences below. a) comedy .b) Skelton. c) queue. d) albumen .e) baton

33. The white part if an egg is called the _

34. A play that ends happily is known as a __

35. A rod used by a policeman is called a ____

36. The bony frame work of the body is called the __

37. A line of people is called a ___

Underline the adverbs in each sentence

38. She always arrives early

39. He drives carefully

40. They go everywhere together

41. She eats slowly

42. It is terribly hot

43. He runs speedily

44. The dog ran excitedly

45. She did the chores grudgingly

46. The boy dresses shabbily to the school

47. She passed the exams in flying colours

48. I _____ rice yesterday

49. He ___ to London each year

50. I ____ beans tomorrow

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