Basic 3 English Studies

From options a to d pick the word that does not belong to the group.

A.                 B .                C.                 D

1.  Banana.    Pear .       orange.       Pepper

2. Sugar .       Honey.     Drugs.   Sugarcane

3. Drum.       Eraser.     Ruler.    Pencil

4. Emir.        Oba.          Eze .       Senator

5. Smile.      Cry.           Sing.       Laugh

Fill in the gap with the correct words

6. I met four ____ in the shopping mall a) policeman b) policemen c) police girl

7. I was writing a book when Bola____  in a) comes.  b) came.  c) come

8. What are you____ right now? a) do b) does  c) doing

9. There are many____ in the market a) geese.    b) goose .    c) gooses

10. I kept my bunch of ___ in my car a) keys.   b) keies.    c) keyes

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