English Studies

Read the following passage and then answer the questions which follow by writing out the letter with the right answer on your note book.
Use A, B, C, D or E for your answer.

In our family, there are five boys and three girls. The oldest of us is Isaac and he is a fisherman. He did not have formal education which the rest of us are having but he is happy in his simple village life.
John who is in a University in Kano does not seem as satisfied as Isaac because his wants are limitless. He wants to be a doctor, a farmer and even a fisherman but mother warns him to keep to medicine which she thinks is his calling.
The girls are as ambitious as the boys. Mary, the youngest of us, wants not only to undertake a space voyage but to possibly manufacture a spaceship in her lifetime. She is quite as gifted as our father in the use of her hands.
At the head of our family is Mr. Uku, an efficient motor mechanic of great repute. Ail hi wants is a responsible family dedicated to the service of God and mankind.
1. This family is made up of _________ members?
A. five B. eight C. seven D. two E. ten
2. The oldest of us is a _________
A. doctor B. farmer C. fisherman D. mechanic E. peasant
3. John is not as contented as Isaac because _________
A. the latter is wealthier
B. the latter has formal education which the former doesn’t have
C. the latter is a farmer
D. formal education does not give happiness
E. John wants far too many things
4. How do the girls compare with the boys?
A. The girls are not interested in formal education.
B. The girls aspire as high as the boys.
C. The girls are very lazy (compared with the boys).
D. The girls want to go into space.
E. The girls are as tough as the boys.

5. Mr. Uku can be described as a believer in __________
A. selfless service B. selfish living C. self first
D. sacrilegous acts E. pampering of his children
Choose the correct spelling from the following five spellings of the same word.
6. A. intelligense B. intelligeance C. intilligence
D. intelligence E. inteligense
7. A. advaticement B. ardvartisement C. advertisement
D. adverticement E. advarticement
8. A nuzance B. nusance C. nuissance
D nuezance E. nuisance
9. A. loxury B. luxury C. luxry
D. loxrry E. luxurry
10. A. bazaar B. barzar C. baazar
D. bazar E. bazzar
11. A. restorant B. resturant C. resteurant
D. restaurant E. rastorante
12. A. envelop B. envillopc C. envelope
D. envilope E. anvellope
13. A. smoggler B. smuggler C. smogler
D. snuigllar E. smogllar
14. A. vertue B. vartue C. virteu
D. virteau E. virtue
15. A. aborlish B. abolish C. abohlish
D. aborlise E. aboliish
Complete each of the following sentences with one of the appropriate five endings given below.
16. George is easily the first in his class because _________
A. his classmates read a lot of novels B. his school is very good at football
C. his teachers are very friendly D. he is naturally bright and studies hard
E. he is the tallest boy in his class
17. We have many road accidents these days because ________
A. our roads are very wide B. we have many new vehicles on the road
C. our drivers are very impatient and inexperienced
D. we have many express highways E. we have many traffic wardens on duty
18. Every month, Mr. Nwankwo cannot make ends meet because
A. he cannot walk fast B. he works fast C. he lives along a busy street
D. his legs are too short E. of inflation
19. There is widespread water shortage in our big cities because
A. we drink too much water these days
B. water is simply not sufficient to go round
C. water is used for tarring our new highways
D. the River Niger is getting dry E. there is too much rainfall
20. The Headmaster was inefficient because _________
A. his school compound was untidy B. his teachers were very hardworking
C. his students were not bright
D. he was unable to work hard due to ill health E. the P.T.A. was not active
Choose from the list of words or groups of words lettered A to E. the one which correctly and most suitably fills the gap in the sentence.
21. The students did not know _______ University they were to visit.
A. whose B. what C. who’s D. which E. their
22. The P.T.A. issue _______ to all parents and guardians.
A. greetings B. praises C. directives D. codes E. invitations
23. The Principal was _______ that one of his best students stole the school money. A. angry B. offended C. surprised D. annoyed E. happy
24. Our School staged a play to _______ our parents.
A invite B. beg C. study D. entertain E. sing
25. If you are not careful, you _______ this examination.
A. fail B. failed C. would have failed D. should fail E. will fail
26. My brother’s son is my _______
A. cousin B. uncle C. nephew D. aunt E. niece
27. My School _______ in Lagos last week but for the bad weather.
A. would play B. should play C. would have played
D. should have to play E. have played
28. Mr. Nwafor was swimming _______ the current.
A. in B. inside C. on D. upon E. against
29. Only hard work will ensure _______ this entrance.
A. your failing B. your passing C. you past
D. your success E. successfully
30. The monitor _______ severely for disobedience yesterday.
A. is punished B. were punished C. was punished
D. will punish E. should punish
31. Okafor _______ coffee every morning.
A. drank B. drunk C. drinks D. is drinking E. used to drank
32. Ikem always _______ a letter to his uncle.
A. is wrote B. writes C. writing D. written E. is write
33. The lost sheep _______ at the Park.
A. is seen B. saw C. was seeing D. sees itself E. has been seen
34. Patricia used to _______ disco parties.
A. dislikes B. disliked C. dislike D. disliking E. always disliked
35. This student is not used _______ the truth.
A. to telling B. to tell C. to told D. to tells E. to sometimes told
From the words given in A, B, C, D and E, choose the word nearest in meaning to the one in italics in the sentence.
36. The Accountant forged the signature on the cheque.
A. copied B. drew C. signed D. imitated E. scribbled
37. I am afraid I cannot put up with your untidiness any longer.
A. cover B. correct C. condone D. endure E. stop
38. Humility is a personal quality hardly found nowadays.
A. dignity B. dishonesty C. veracity D. modesty E. honesty
39. The child was startled by the sudden shooting of guns.
A. amused B. started C. surprised D. threatened E. frightened
40. Why do prices of commodities vary so often in Nigeria?
A. rise B. fall C. change D. gallop E. inflate
41. You do not need to get angered by his words; he is only a little boy.
A. shocked B. infuriated C. frightened D. soothed E. delighted
42. It is now dangerous to travel at night.
A. difficult B. unpleasant C. unenjoyable D. notorious E. risky
43. My books were hidden underneath the cupboard.
A. besides B. below C. inside D. upon E. undermine
44. He ran across the street quickly to avoid an oncoming vehicle.
A. quietly B. angrily C. easily D. swiftly E. thoughtlessly
45. Our new headmaster is so brutal in his treatment of children that parents will soon be up in arms against him.
A. humane B. had C. mild D. cruel E. temperate
46. My uncle appeared to be quite wasteful at Christmas.
A. extravagant B. economical C. entertaining D. happy E. helpful
47. Our school played an exciting football match yesterday.
A. special B. exercising C. rousing D. exerting E. amusing
48. Ikenna looked cheerless when he failed the entrance.
A. chairless B. careless C. merry D. sorrowful E. serious
49. At last, James is richly rewarded for his hard work.
A. thanked B. repaid C. scolded D. punished E. praised
50. Mr. Jones is not worthy of the honour we have given him.
A. proud B. grateful C. thankful D. aware E. deserving

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