Questions on General Knowledge


(1) Questions are meant for Basic 4, 5 and 6 pupils
(2) Work out all questions on a new note book
(3) Attempt all questions

1. Man is free to marry more than one wife in the ______ marriage
A. Traditional B. Christian C. Modern D. All of the above
2. Corona Virus was first discovered in ________ A. China
B. Lagos C. Abuja D. Osogbo
3. Write in full N.A.F. A. National African force B. Nigeria Air-force C. Nation Air-force D. National Artist force.
4. Traditional leadership is open only to ______ families
A. Many B. Few C. Most D. Much
5. ______ is an organisation set up by a group of people to direct the affairs of the government
A. Leadership B. Leader C. Political party D. None of the above.
6. ______ provide essential service for the people
A. Family B. Group C. Government D. Town
7. ______ is the breaking town of the activities A. Division of labour
B. Political part C. Leadership D. Pressure group.
8. A person can write a letter of proposal during ______
A. Marriage tradition B. Marriage custom C. Marriage bodies D. Christian marriage
9. The meaning of kolanut in marriage is to ______ A. Marriage happy
B. marriage dull C. marriage last D. Marriage peaceful
10. Parent should show ______ to husband and wife
A. Hatred B. Hate C. Love D. All of the above.
11. ______ affect the education of children
A. Unwanted pregnant B. Reading C. Resting D. None
12. The official language in Nigeria is called ______
A. Hausa B. Yoruba C. Igbo D. English
13. We have ______ types of religions. A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6
14. The younger brother of our father is called ______
A. Nephew B. Aunt C. Cousin D. Uncle
15. Good social organisation are necessary to train our children and youths for ______ A. Present B. Future C. Death D. Presently
16. ______ is an example of religious leader.
A. Major General B. Marshal C. Imams D. Air marshal
17. ______ is an example of political group A. Youth wing
B. Christian association C. Transport workers D. Nigeria congress
18. Christians does the marriage according to the rules laid down in the ______ A. Holy Quran B. Holy book C. Holy Bible D. Holy child
19. Responsibilities of parent to their children continue after their children have A. Fight B. Married C Divorce D. All of the above
20. One of our duties to government is to pay the ______
A. Tax B. Law C. Regulation D. None
21. ______ portrait is drawn in N200 A. Herber Marculay
B. General Muritala C. Ahmadu Bellow D. Obafemi Awolowo
E. All of the above
22. There are______ state in Nigeria including Federal Capital Territory
A. 36 B. 38 C. 774 D. 37 E. 40
23. Social studies can study all the following except
A. Forest B. Atom C. Language D. Culture E. Family
24. A place where people keep money and other valuable things is called ______ A. Strong room B. Save C. Treasury D Museum E. Bank
25. There are ______ most important religion in Nigeria.
A. Three B. five C. Two D. Six E. Seven
26. ______ believe in worshiping God through gods and goddess?
A. Christian religion B. Islamic religion C. Traditional religions D. All of the above E. None of the above
27. The full meaning of U.N.P.P is A. United Nations Progressive People
B. United Nations Peoples Party C. United Nigeria Peoples Party
D. Unity Nigeria People party
28. Three important stages which must be observed in marriage practice in Nigeria are: A. Courtship, engagement and marriage ceremony
B. Pregnancy, children and parent C. Hot, Hotter and Hottest
D. Church mosque and shrine E. None of the above
29. In Nuclear family the next person to the head is the ______
A. Uncle B. Mother C. firstborn D. Father E. Sister
30. The common area in different religions is ______ A. They kill one another B. They all preach love for others C. They hate one another D. All of the above E. None of the above
31. There are ______ types of marriage practise in Nigeria A. Traditional B. Five C. Four D. Three E. Christianity Muslim and Traditional
32. All these languages are spoken in Nigeria except ______
A. Igbo B. Edo C. Tin D. Yoruba E. French
33. One of the reasons why political parties are formed is ______ A. To regard election B. To find solutions to the problems of the nation C . To cast bitterness D. To create more problems to the nation
E. None of the above.
34. The full meaning of A.F.N. is A. Athletic Federation of Nigeria
B. Alliance Footballers of Nigeria C. None of the above
D. Athletes forward Nation E. Athletics footballers of Nigeria
35. The 2005 Edition of National festival was won by ______
A. Edo State B. Lagos C. Osun D. Delta E. Ogun
36. ______ was the first Executive Governor of Osun State
A. Prince Oyinlola B. Chief Bisi Akande C. Alhaji Isiaka Adeleke D. Chief S. M. Afolabi E. All of the above
37. Bash Ali is one of Nigerian’s ______ A. Footballers B. Boxers
C. Swimmers D. Sprinters E. Wretlers
38. All of these are source of Natural water except.
A Rain B. Tap C. Stream D. Spring E. Well
39. Biscuit is made from ______
A. Maize B. Flower C. Flour D. Rice E. Oats
40. Crude oil is a mineral mined in ______
A. Osogbo B. Ede C. Warri D. Ibadan E. Ado Ekiti
41. ______ is the head of local government A. Chairman B. Councillors C. Party leaders D Governor E. None of the above.
42. Nigeria got independent in ______
A. 1969 B. 1960 C. 1970 D. 1963 E. 1950
43. A place where gods are worship is ______ A. Church B. Mosque
C. Shrine D. None of the above E. Schools
44. The full meaning of P.D.P is ______ A. Peoples Democratic Party
B. Peoples Democracy Party C. Peoples Development Party
D. Peoples Democratic Person E. All of the above

45. Which government department is in charge of communication?
46. Nigeria soccer ruling body is ______ A. F. B. I. B B. NFF
47. This is an example of bad water supply except A. Stagnant water B. Erosion C. Pipe borne water D. River water E. None of the above
48. The Olympic size stadium in Nigeria is situated in ______ A. Abuja B. Lagos C. Ibadan D. Osogbo E. Enugu
49. All Nigerians are except to pay A. Tax B. Oil money C. PHCN BILLS D. NIPOST FEES E. All of the above.
50. The Coach for Nigerian Super Eagles is ______ A. Christian Chukwu B. Augustine Eguavon C. Stephen Keshi D. Okocha E. None.

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